Is your business one of the 96% caught in the middle?

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Is your business one of the 96% caught in the middle?

Is your business one of the 96% caught in the middle?

Are you more than just a one man band but not quite got the pulling power of the big companies?

Between 2000 and 2018 the UK has seen a 63% increase in the number of businesses in the UK. With 96% of the businesses having fewer than 10 employees according to the House of Commons Library paper published in Dec 18.

If your business is in the 96% then you too could be struggling with balancing employees, generating the work and keeping the day to day running of the business going. It’s easy to see how optimising your Website and Social Media can get overlooked when it comes to trying to generate more work.

Have you had to let staff go because the work dried up, then found yourself in the position with too much work and not enough staff?

This is usually because you don’t have the steady stream of work you can rely on. This will make holding on to staff in quieter periods difficult and then when the work does come in you can find yourself in the position with too much work and not enough staff to cope with it all.

Good news!

There are some handy tips you can do yourself that will help promote your business, generating you more leads with little or no financial investment, providing you are willing to do it yourself. Obviously like all things it’s always best to call in an expert and invest in promoting and optimising your business but if you have the time and don’t have the advertising budget then these tips should help you increase you traffic.

SEO in a nut shell

For those that don’t know what this stands for its Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the process used by Google and other search engines to rank your website against competitors vying for the same Keywords. SEO utilised correctly can increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website, meaning a greater ROI for you.

SEO Tips

SEO also helps to build brand awareness for your business meaning more people will see and trust your company. Google will rank you by sending out crawlers to go through your website, indexing your site and then ranking your site against your competitors. This is why it’s so important to optimise your website and make it as user friendly as possible. A slick, smart website with well-placed keywords can be some of the biggest changes you can make to ensure your website build a strong, long lasting relationship. This will attract more customers and improve conversion rates all whilst outranking your competitors.

Here are some simple tips you can do to help improve your SEO


1. Think like your customer and write down if you were looking for the service you provide what would you type into Google to find it?

This will help you generate Keywords. Think of Keywords as signposts, people type into Google what they are looking for and Google shows them the top-ranking pages for those words. Ideally you want more descriptive keywords rather than just one word as they are easier to rank for. But most importantly they need to describe who you are or what you do.

2. Once you have your Keywords you need to optimise your website by including your chosen keywords into your text of the different pages on your website.

This needs to be done with care, make sure the copy reads well and the keywords are seamlessly added in as Google will penalise you if they are just crammed in or duplicated too many times. Each page should have slightly different keywords describing what exactly that page is about.

3. Update your website content regularly to keep it fresh.

This will also assist as Google rewards this with a greater relevancy score and it helps to stop your site becoming dated with old material that might be out of date.

4. Check that your website is optimised for mobile devices.

Google has recently published that more people are now searching via a mobile device than on a desktop and as such Google are now looking to use mobile first indexing, meaning if your website doesn’t read well on a mobile you could be penalised.

5. Utilise Social Media as Google trusts websites which have high Social Media Shares and Google will use this to assist with rankings.

Posts relevant content on your Social Media accounts (video’s have proved a good way of interacting with customers and followers to your site) and consider including Video’s on your website as it is tipped to become a big factor for SEO in 2019.

6. Finally, consider writing blogs including information that is relevant and useful to the reader.

If you update blogs on your website this will help to keep readers engaged and if you write a blog that you are particularly proud of consider offering if out to industry leads for them to publish on their site. This will enable you to direct people to your blog that will be linked back to you. You can pitch yourself as someone who knows what they are talking about (an expert) in that field and you have the published blog to prove it.

SEO done properly takes time, but the rewards are so worth it! Following these tips will help boosts your Organic ranking on Google and help to get you ahead of your competitors. Obviously, there are lots of other options that can be done if you are able to prioritise an advertising budget and allow an expert to handle your SEO and advertising but for now try these tips and see how your leads improve.

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