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Did you know that the best SEO expert for your company may not be the best SEO company for another? A big part of the process is about finding the right SEO company for you. This is because each niche area has its own nuances.

People with experience in certain areas will already know the backdoors to better search engine ranking and niche content marketing. They will know the esoteric terms, the oddly popular issues, and the topics that rank high on search engines. Here is how you pick the best SEO service for your business.

The Best SEO Expert Has Experience in Your Industry

The right search marketing consultant for you is one with experience in your chosen industry and market sector. Experience will save you and the SEO company a lot of time. There is no doubt that a good SEO company will eventually create a very good search engine campaign that yields fantastic results, but it is faster and more efficient when the SEO company has relevant experience.

Think of it this way, a masterful sculptor is still a great artist, but if that artist has been sculpting humans and is now told to sculpt kittens, it will take the sculptor a while to get up to speed.

An experienced SEO marketing company will also have prior knowledge and experience regarding your competitors. In the short term, this knowledge helps the SEO service decide how aggressively it needs to market your services. It also helps with things such as when picking negative keywords.

If your SEO service doesn’t have experience in your industry, then it will take them a little longer to do their competitor research, search engine roundtable discussions, and so forth.

Do They Rank Higher Than the Others?

If you want a great interior designer, you take a look at the designer’s own house. If somebody is selling jewellery, you take a look at what they are wearing. An SEO company that claims to be the best should be able to get their own website on the first page of Google’s search engine results.

When you use Google to search out an SEO service or SEO program, it stands to reason that the ones that appear on the first page of Google are the best.

Even with that considered, you have to remember that a high ranking website is not your only concern. For example, the highest ranking may also charge the highest prices, which may be unsuitable for your company. Alternatively, the top six or seven SEO companies may not offer the services that you specifically want, or they may not achieve the goals you set via the means you desire.

What Does Your Budget Suggest?

Are you willing to pay a lot of money with a subscription contract to build your SEO, or are you looking for a one-off payment of varying amounts? Do you need an SEO service, or will a freelance SEO expert do the trick?

For new website SEO, you don’t have to pay a lot of money because new websites need time to grow before the search engines start catching on to them. Unless your website launch has a lot of money behind it, you can probably grow your new website a little more slowly.

The budget question is tricky because there are plenty of high-cost SEO companies that charge epic amounts for nothing more than analytic numbers, and then there are cheaper SEO companies that are able to make a solid and long-term impact on your search engine ranking.

Are They Working for Your Competitors?

Your competitors are not likely to recommend a good SEO company because they will want to keep them to themselves. However, when an SEO company is working for your competitor, they will often do what they can to secretly promote their own services. This might be, for example, links in the competitor’s content or signatures at the bottom of Facebook posts.

If your competitor is doing well on the search engines and you can figure out what SEO company is working for them, then this offers you a great advantage; especially since you know the SEO company has experience in your industry and with your target consumer base.

Are They Offering the Right Solutions?

Some SEO companies are especially good at one thing and are very eager to push that service on you. You will hear all sorts of question framing that turn your simple request into something “they” want to do.

Keep it simple for yourself by setting goals and asking each SEO company how they may achieve those goals. Try not to be vague.

For example, most people ask for increased search engine rankings, but which target audience are you shooting for, and what do you want from your organic traffic? After all, it is quite easy to attract a huge chunk of your target audience without ever attracting those who would convert/buy.

What do you want from your target audience? Is it just more web traffic, affiliate ad revenue, increased calls, web forms, sales, or subscriptions? Never judge an SEO company simply by the analytic figures they show you. Judge it by how many conversions they create.

For example, if you want subscriptions, and they increase your subscriptions by 10%, then that is the metric by which you should judge them. Do not judge them by how far up the search engine results you climbed or by how many new visitors your website received.

One Last Thing — Cautious Testing and Recommendations

Finding the best SEO expert for your company is very difficult. This is why you should seek out recommendations from people you actually know. Look for recommendations online, and you will generally only read what the company itself has published.

Plus, we all know that an SEO company can really mess things up for you. You need to test each company with extreme caution. Only book small projects at first. Do not hand over the controls to your accounts unless you are sure you can trust the company.

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