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Evaluate Your Website


Evaluate your SEO score

Check your Website SEO

for maximum organic reach

  • Title & Meta Tags Analysis

  • Header & Keyword Density Evaluation

  • HTML, CSS & Javascript File Errors

  • Software & Email Privacy Check


Check your Website Usability

Check your Website Usability

to improve user experience

  • Responsiveness / Mobile Friendly Check

  • No Flash or iFrames Are Used

  • Code is Readable & Google Friendly

  • Your Page has a Favicon Specified


Check your Performance

Check your Performance

to minimize load speeds

  • Server Response Rate Check

  • Page Content Load Speed Analysis

  • HTML, CSS & Javascript File Errors

  • Image Optimization & Minification


Check your Social Media

Check your Social Media

to grow your audience

  • Check Connected Social Media Accounts

  • Likes, Shares & Follower Analysis

  • Social Engagement Optimization

  • Optimization for Increased Reach


Check your Web Security

Check your Web Security

to maximize audience trust

  • Active SSL Certificate in Use

  • HTTP Redirects to HTTPS

  • Virus & Malware Detection

  • Software & Email Privacy Check

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SaaS is a rapidly growing industry and to avoid having poor ROI and losing customers to competitors its crucial to stay on top and increase your brand awareness.

2019 has seen the biggest shift in how advertising budgets are spent, with Digital Marketing now leading the way with over 60%.

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