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Increasing traffic to your technology website using search engine optimisation and paid search

Technology businesses of all sizes are continually looking for ways to increase traffic to their websites. Fortunately, there are many ways, both paid and free, that a business can gain more customers and see a marked increase in traffic to their site.

How to increase traffic to your technology website


Method #1 – Paid Advertising

Display advertising, social media advertising, and paid search are all effective ways to attract customers and build your brand. You can adjust your paid strategies depending on your goals. Each paid channel has its own advantages and disadvantages, so before you include them in your budget, carefully research each method and make sure it is in line with your objective.

Method #2 – Get Social

It’s no longer enough to merely produce high-quality content in the hopes that people will find it, you have to be proactive with your approach. One of the best ways to boost traffic to your site is to use the many different social media platforms to promote your content.

Method #3 – Write Irresistible Headlines

Your headline is one of the most critical parts of your content. If you don’t have a compelling headline, even the most comprehensive blog post will go unread. It is essential that you think carefully about your headline before you publish the content to your site.

Method #4 – Target Long-Tail Keywords

If you already have your high commercial intent keywords covered, then it’s time to target the long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords make up a majority of web searches these days. This means that if you’re not targeting them as a part of your SEO or paid search efforts, then you’re missing out on potential traffic. In fact, 50% of all search questions include four or more words.

Method #5 – Start Guest Blogging

Despite what you may have heard, guest blogging isn’t dead. Being able to secure a guest post on a reputable site can dramatically increase blog traffic to your site while helping to build your brand. However, standards for guest blogging have changed, and spammy tactics could result in receiving stiff penalties.

Method #6 – Internal Linking

The health of your site’s link profile isn’t only determined by how many other sites link back to yours, but it can also be affected by your internal linking. When you create and publish content on your website, be sure to look out for opportunities to place internal links. Not only does this help your SEO efforts, but it will also result in a better experience for your visitors.

These are just a few of the best ways to increase traffic to your technology website.

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